Investment Opportunities in Iran

While Iran’s government welcomes foreign investment in Iran, it wants foreign investors to study Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA) and its regulations carefully to become familiar either with their own rights, and facilities and protections available from investment, as well as their commitments and legal compulsions within the framework of this law.

Investment Opportunities in Iran

Application of financial resources and foreign credit lines, which is called “Finance” in Iran, for projects implementation, equipment and capital goods purchasing, production plans and also projects technical and engineering services take place according to financial agreements with foreign financiers. The implementation procedures for this approach revised upon the latest approval of Iran’s esteemed council of ministers and the fifth development plan criteria, are as follows:

۱-Acceptale activities

۲-Qualified people

۳-Required pawns

۴-Profit rate and its costs

۵-Pay ceiling

۶-Duration of use of the facilities

۷-Payback period

۸-Public and private sectors

Foreign resources supply manual) points to the process of investigation of foreign investors’ applications in Organization for Investment till the stage of issue of foreign investment license. These stages are as follows:

-The process of investigation of foreign investors’ applications in Organization for Investment, till the stage of issue of foreign investment license

-Securities and guarantees by Iran’s government

-Legal compulsions and commitments of foreign investors

-All of benefits and guaranteed facilities for foreign investor

Investment priorities in Iran are divided into the following three main parts based on the national development document:

-Business investment priorities

-Industry investment priorities

-Mine investment priorities

Iran’s Business Investment Priorities

Iran’s business investment priorities are as follows:

-Construction of international fair in each province in a permanent place

-Construction of permanent handmade carpet exhibition

-Establishment of guilds bank

-Development and reinforcement of business infrastructures such as construction of export terminals

-Establishment of sea and air lines for exportation of domestic goods to the markets proportional to demand

-Construction of logistic estates or commercial hubs

-Construction and development of business parks

-Construction and development of chain stores (goods and services suppliers)

-Construction of greengrocers

-Establishment and development of online shops and network marketing

-Development and quality promotion of guilds services with the purpose of customers’ satisfaction

-Development and management of distributor companies and support for the establishment of logistic companies

-Establishment of powerful marketing companies and exportation of industrial goods

Iran’s Industrial Investment Priorities

Iran’s Industrial Investment Priorities are divided into below main parts:

-Pharmaceutics industries

-Food industries

-Electronics industries

-Machinery manufacturing and equipment industries

-Textile manufacturing and clothes industries

-Petrochemical and refinery industries

-Polymeric industries

-Cellulosic industries

-Chemical industries

-Medical equipment industries

-Automotive industries, auto parts and propellant

Iran’s Mineral Investment Priorities

Iran’s Mineral Investment Priorities are as follows:



-Metals and metallic products

-Nonmetallic mineral substances

۱) Iran’s investments priority in mine exploration section

-Copper and polymetal exploration

-Phosphate exploration

-Nickel exploration

-Exploration of raw materials of production of aluminum with the priority of bauxite

-Investigation and exploration of siderite

-Supplemental exploration to detect precious and semi-precious stones

۲) Iran’s investments priority in mine extraction section

-Mechanized exploitation and extraction of coal mines

-Exploitation of saline water to exploit potassium and magnesium

-Extraction of raw materials of production of aluminum with the priority of bauxite

-Exploitation of siderite mines

۳) Iran’s investments priority in metal and metallic products section

-Small diameter cooper pipe

-Small diameter cooper wire

-۵٫۲ to 15mm alloy steel (in coil)

-Aluminum foil less than 9μm

-Aluminum cover

-Special aluminum alloy foil (high tensile strength)

-Types of flange in forging method (with consumption standards in oil, gas and petrochemical industries)

-Light forged pieces of railway industries

-Types of auto cast iron parts (transmission case and other related industrial parts)

-Connecting rod in forging method

۴) Iran’s investments priority in nonmetallic mineral substances section

-Extraction of mineral salt from the Lake Urmia salt

-Exploitation and recycling of the waste materials from refractory products

-Asbestos fibers


-Basalt fiber

-Ceramic fiber

-Dolomite firebrick

-Hydrated lime

-Briquette from coal wastes

-Coal concentrate

-Active bentonite

-Calcined dolomite

-Porcelain and ceramic colors

-Ceramic parts with specific usage

-Light refractory parts and bodies

-Ceramic rollers

-Industrial ceramic

-Processing of precious and semi-precious stones

-Processing of zeolite

-Processing of fluorine

-Refractory and insulation boards

-Graphite electrode

-Foam glass

-Test tubes (venojects)

-Solar grade glasses


-Production of Nano glasses

-Production of brick using modern method with the priority of renewal and renovation of brick industry (changing the technology to tunnel kiln)

-Digital printing ink for tile and ceramic industry

-Alumina ceramic ball

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